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Past Life Regression & Cultivating The Third Eye

With The Right Technique You Can Easily Remember Past Lives, In Between Lives And Much More!

By Using Regression A Thorough Clearing Of The Subconscious Occurs, Releasing All Negative Emotional And Mental Conditioning! 

The Regression technique available here takes the participant into the inner space of the third eye where it becomes possible to delve deeply into the subconscious. It is then possible to easily find and release emotional scars from this life and past lives. These emotional scars are the roots of all mental and emotional conditioning and form the basis of the earthly ego. All mental and emotional suffering is derived from these subconscious scars or imprints. With a thorough clearing of the subconscious a new way of being can be realized. We can become aware of our multidimensional nature and begin to incarnate higher consciousness.

True Spiritual Transformation and Incarnation Can Only Occur When The Mind Has Been Cleared Of all Past Conditioning!

Various techniques of delving into the subconscious such as Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis or Hypnosis often fail to really succeed in clearing past conditioning. The reason for this is that these techniques do not take into account the metaphysical nature of the human being and the various forces and energies that make us up. Due to this lack of depth these techniques often fail to get deep enough into the subconscious blockages that form the basis of the earthly ego. When they do get close to some large emotional scars they often fail to fully heal these scars as the practitioner is unaware of the higher dimensional forces required for this to occur. These practitioners often lack experience in delving into their own subconscious and most of their knowledge is second hand as they can only observe their patients. Unfortunately the lack of metaphysical knowledge leads most Psychiatrists, Psychologists, hypnotists, etc to have little success in truly healing their patients emotional and mental issues.

For true healing and freedom from past conditioning to occur a technique is needed that can take you into the deepest recesses of the mind and heal all repressed emotional traumas at their root.

The deepest roots of conditioning and emotional repression actually come from past lives. The most intense emotional scars which have been formed throughout life on earth actually travel with you from one incarnation to the next and form the early roots of ego structure in the next life. As we have spent so many lives on earth, experiencing so much pain and suffering it has come to a point where our ego structures are very rigid and they enclose us within a framework of negative mental and emotional conditioning. True freedom from our past can only be achieved when all of these emotional scars are found and cleared.

The regression technique available here leads to far more than a memory of a previous incarnation. You don't just remember who you were and what happened to you but you fully re-experience the intense emotions caused during the past life. The experience is extremely vivid and you will feel exactly how it felt to be your previous incarnation. By doing this you are able to release the repressed emotional charge that was created during the past life completely and then allow for higher energies to heal the wound. The result is total freedom from a part of your conditioning that was affecting every area of your life. The memories and the experience of regression are extremely vivid and will leave you with no doubt as to the truth of the memories. It is not a fleeting glimpse of a past life but a concrete experience.

This type of technique is for those who want to know for themselves. Those who would prefer to read about reincarnation and philosophize about life and death are not the ones who will be attracted to such a technique. This is for people who desire actual experience and who wish to deconstruct their earthly ego to incarnate higher parts of themselves. We are all multidimensional beings with parts of ourselves in many dimensions of reality and by using this technique you will inevitably become aware of these parts and remember who and what you really are.

Besides Remembering Past Lives Regression Also Cultivates The Third Eye Allowing For Access To Other Dimensions Of Reality!

Just as the physical eyes are structures of physical substance that are designed to see physical matter the third eye is a structure of subtle substances which is designed to see into subtle realms. The world is far more complex than meets the physical eyes and so to explore other dimensions, forces, energies and beings you require vision of such things. Without the third eye not much exploration can be done which is also why most other techniques of psychoanalysis etc fail to go to any real depth. The third eye is the essential structure required to look deeply inside yourself and into other dimensions.

By using regression as taught here you will cultivate your third eye and gain powers of vision far beyond anything you can imagine. Through this you will be able to communicate with many beings such as spirit guides, angels, extra terrestrials and humans that have passed over. In fact many of these beings from higher dimensions will be helping you with your regression process and your overall spiritual transformation.

This book gives you all information and practices needed to remember past lives and begin releasing emotional repression. It is available via instant download for $29 from You will be forwarded to the download page as soon as payment is received.

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